Book Week Costumes

Roald Dahl Book Day


Unfortunately all the official licensed Roald Dahl costumes are sold out, however don't despair.  We still have some Oompa Lumpa costumes (Factory Workers) and the wigs are still in stock. For other alternatives how about going with 'The Witches' or the 'Book of Ghost Stories'.  Or maybe being BFG with some big ears, a brown waistcoat and a big nose, see our accessories for those.  There is always the mouse from BFG too.  We still have some   For Charlie Bucket, we have some Victorian Boy costumes that remind us of the original film where Charlie is a poor boy.  All you need is a golden ticket and if you pop us an email we will slip a piece of gold card into the packet!  We have fox masks for Mr Fox and how about all the animals from 'The Beasts'.  For Willy Wonker you can wear the the Deluxe Hatter costume, or alternatively you just need a top hat, a colourful tie (see our clown ties) and a cane - we have all of those for you!  

All you need is a little imagination and the world is your oyster.  Or as Willy Wonker would say "If you want to view paradise then just look around and view it"