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Here we go again....

So we are in another lock down state but no worries, we are still online and it's business as usual just with the doors shut.  We have loads of Christmas goodies, stocking fillers a speciality, from the must have fluffy socks to the squeaky reindeer toy for the dog.  Our letters to santa packs and our novelty pocket money toys have all you need to keep the little ones occupied for a whil…

The end is nigh....

It's been emotional, but now we have to move forward and look to the future.  Let's start planning those end of lockdown parties, we may not have a specific date, but there's no excuse not to be prepared - we've had plenty of time to think about it! At We're Partying Now we are ready and our shop has all the social distancing measures in place to keep you safe of course, but please note…