White Dwarf Magazine, Issue 452, March 2020, Warhammer 40,000 & Age of Sigmar

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White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month such as new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests and more. Here’s what you can look forward to in March's issue: Contact! Letters, questions and painted models from you, our readers. Plus, White Dwarf goes adventuring. Worlds of Warhammer Guest scribbler Jordan Green joins us to talk about ‘His Dudes’ – also known as Da Morkagorka Madladz. Inside the Studio What we've been playing and painting this month in the studio. Plus, Sam Pearson talks about creating a Battleplan, some new Warscrolls and a Warscroll Battalion (of the Gloomspite's Squigapalooza) used in this month’s Battle Report. WARHAMMER 40,000 Echoes from the Warp Robin’s column has also been taken over by a guest writer as Elliot Hamer joins us to discuss the bridges between play styles. Index Astartes: Space Wolves The Sons of Russ are joined by the Primaris Marines, but will the new additions to the Chapter smell right? Includes a new Crucible of War mission called 'Stand Firm', which includes six new Stratagems – three each for Attacker and Defender. Paint Splatter Two stage-by-stage painting guides for the Space Wolves, one using the classic style, the other using Contrast paints. These painting guides show you how to paint your miniatures to both a Battle Ready and a Parade Ready standard. Sons of the Wolf A gallery of Space Wolves converted and painted by members of the studio. Galactic Waaagh! Zones Grab yer choppas, ladz, it’s time for some konvertin’! This month’s war zone is an Ork Mekworld. Talons of the Emperor We take a look at Jason Lee’s beautifully painted Adeptus Custodes army in this Army Showcase article. Journey’s End The Torchbearer fleets bring hope to a Chapter on the brink of annihilation in this short story by Dirk Wehner. Faith & Fire Part II The second instalment in James Swallow’s Adepta Sororitas novel. This time, the Battle Sisters seek repentance and begin the hunt for their quarry. WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR Rules of Engagement Jervis introduces us to the genre and concept of Fight and Write campaigns. Includes charts and graphs – huzzah! This is an extensive set of rules to allow you to create your own narrative play, for both campaign and organised play. Land of Dead Heroes A new campaign set in Hallost, the Land of Dead Heroes. Part one (of four) includes new background, a map and campaign rules including Realm of Battle and Region of War rules. A Tale of Four Warlords – the Stormvault Warlords It’s the last instalment in the Stormvault Warlords series. But don’t worry, there are some fantastic armies on show … Battle Report – Breach the Stormvault … which you’ll get to see even more of in our huge four-player climactic Battle Report – Breach the Stormvault –which includes the Battleplan 'The Shrouded Sanctum'. WARHAMMER 40,000: KILL TEAM A Mysterious Menace +++ Xenos threat detected. New target acquired. Approach with extreme caution and maximum prejudice. +++ New Kill Team rules for using Zoats in your games. WARCRY Lord of the Pits A brand new Warcry campaign for the Spire Tyrants. Violence is compulsory. WARHAMMER UNDERWORLDS Glory Points Rule-wrangler Dave Sanders joins us to chat about the many ways to play Warhammer Underworlds. WARHAMMER QUEST: BLACKSTONE FORTRESS Alien Intelligence +++ Secondary xenos threat detected. Acceptable ally. Do not terminate. +++ A brand-new quest for Blackstone Fortress, which includes the rules for adding a Jokaero Tinkerer to your band of explorers as a retinue character – if you can save them from their fate in the first place, that is! ADEPTUS TITANICUS Campaign of Vengeance Two new narrative scenarios for Adeptus Titanicus, along with some rules inspiration for writing scenarios of your own. BLACK LIBRARY A Return to Holy Terra Author Graham McNeill joins us to chat about his latest works, including Sons of the Selenar and Wrath of Magnus.